Oh, Dear!

Our mama is in the hopsital 😦

She has a heart infection and has been in the hopsital for three weeks!  We’ve only seen her twice since May 8.  Mama says she has endocarditis.

Mama is sad that she hasn’t been able to update our blog for such a long time and promised us that she would update for us today.

We aren’t sure what she can tell you since she’s only seen us twice but we can tell you that the first time she came home, all three of us went crazy.  Here’s what happened to our family when Mama came home:

Shadow:  I was in my crate when Mama got here.  She made noise in the driveway and so I barked because that’s my job.  My boy Daniel went to the door to open it for her and when I looked and saw her, I started dancing in circles and whining doggy noises.  Mama saw me and almost cried because she was so happy to see me!  She came up the stairs and asked my Daniel where the cats were; I’m not sure why she asked about those two because they aren’t as important as me.  When my Daniel said that one was in the bedroom (the nice kitty, Boots) but he didn’t know where the other one was (the evil kitty, Stripey), Mama said okay and then she opened my crate door.  I danced out to see her and was so excited that I was dancing in circles again, twisting around her and through her legs.  She was talking baby-talk which my Daniel says is silly but he doesn’t know how much I love it.  Mama gave me kisses and hugs and held me as I danced around; of course, I gave her lots of puppy kisses and slobbered all over her glasses and she just laughed.  Finally, my dancing wore me out and I was dizzy from the circles and so I stopped.  Whewf!  After that, I decided maybe I should go find that evil cat and try to chase the evil outta him but Mama said no way and so I calmly went into my crate because I am such a good girl.  Doggone that cat – I’ll chase him one of these days and hopefully get the evil outta him.  And remember, I love my Mama and she loves me bestest.

Boots:  I was in my Daniel’s bedroom when I heard Mama.  As soon as she got her fill of puppy love and slobber, she came to see me and I was so happy to see her that I started meowing her about it.  She laughed and picked me up so I purrrrred all over her and gave her head bumps and rubbed my face ‘gainst hers, so she’d remember that she was mine.  Eventually, it was time to get out of her hugs because it was getting hard to breathe, so I hopped outta her arms and decided to walk.  I followed her to the kitchen and then into the other bedroom and finally, downstairs because that’s where Stripey was.  My goodness, she kept walking around and it got hard to keep up with her!  Mama was all over the house, doing stuff that wasn’t important in my opinion.  She should have stopped and let me sit on her lap.  Eventually she did and so I gave her more kitty head bumps and rubs.  That Stripey insisted on being first and rather than fuss and upset Mama, I gave in.   I love my Mama and she loves me bestest.

Stripey:  When my Mama got home, I was doing an inspection downstairs.  Since I’m the only boy in the house besides my boy Daniel, it’s my job to keep the house safe.  Mama was so proud of me doing my job and I was so happy to see her face again that we both startedmeowing and talking and I was purring my heart out.  I’m not much for hugs, so of course, I didn’t let her grab me.  My favorite type of affection is to follow her and twist between her feets and wait for her to sit down so I can push Boots off her lap because her lap is mine and doesn’t belong to Boots.  No matter what Boots or Shadow say, I’m the favorite around here.  When Mama finally sat down, it was time to make sure that Boots knew her place and let me sit on the Mama lap first.  Mama got lots of head bumps and I rubbed my face against hers to remind her that she was mine.  Since my affection-limit is shorter than the other kitty’s, I eventually let Boots take her turn.  I love my Mama and she loves me bestest.

Sooner or later these next couple of weeks will go fast – she is supposed to be in the hopsital for a total of six weeks!  That’s a long time in puppy years but our boy Daniel talks to her on the phone and after he is finished, he tells us that Mama sent kisses and hugs for all three of us.  All three of us!  That confuses all of us because we each think that we are loved the mostest.

Well, we will ask her to update our readers after we see her again.


Boots, Shadow and Stripey


Picture Time!

Mama was in the hopsital for two weeks and we missed her terribly.  She’s home now – yay! – and she’s feeling so much better 🙂

Yesterday she took lots of pictures of us and wants to share them with our readers.  Enjoy!

On the rail - looking at the world and not quite smiling for the camera!

On the rail – looking at the world and not quite smiling for the camera!

Stripey on the rail and Shadow peeking on to see what he's up to.

Stripey on the rail and Shadow peeking on to see what he’s up to.

"Let me in!"

“Let me in!”

"Doggone it, Mama won't let me in"

“Doggone it, Mama won’t let me in”

I wonder what he was looking at?

I wonder what he was looking at?

Boots, watching Stripey in the kitchen.  She's wondering what he's up to, too!

Boots, watching Stripey in the kitchen. She’s wondering what he’s up to, too!

Prowling about.

Prowling about.

I love his stripes; it's like God took a paint brush and put them in the perfect order!

I love his stripes; it’s like God took a paint brush and put them in the perfect order!

Posing for Mama's camera!

Posing for Mama’s camera!

More Pretty Kitty Pics!

Mom has really been bugging us today with her camera (too bad she found it).

She caught Stripey sleeping:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, then she caught Boots up in the planter:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeedless to say, Boots was not happy about being caught on camera again and she sure let Mom have it:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer eyes glowed scary and she hollered at Mom to go away and leave her alone.  Jeepers!  I sure don’t like making Boots mad because she really knows how to hiss.

You’ll notice that Mom didn’t catch ME because I’m smarter than the cats.

Woofs and Barks,



Mom has been taking pictures of us to show off how pretty we are!  Enjoy 🙂

Here’s Boots:Boots 032414Here’s Stripey, he was stalking a tiny fly (can you see it?):furry burkes 03And here’s Shadow; she was being camera-shy:Shadow 032414We’re all getting used to our new house.  It isn’t easy, though.  Mom even confused the cats with a new feeding station a few days ago.  Stripey showed her what he thought about it:furry burkes 02Stripey is very opinionated.  Mom just laughed.  But the toy mouse is still there:furry burkes 01Oh well.  That’s life at the Furry Burkes!!

Hugs from the three of us at the Burke household 🙂


I’m a tired girl.

My mama put me outside this morning just before they went to Mass and I played outside all day.  The weather got chilly and finally when they came home from eating, I got to come inside.  Dad gave me a treat and my suppy that I hadn’t finished and a fresh bottle of water and I’m set for the night.

I have a really nice deck in the back of the house and am kinda-sorta used to the steps now.  At first they were pretty scary.  Mama spent lots of time with me, trying to coax me up and down.  Going down was hard.  Going up was easier because that made me closer to the door to get inside.  Now, though, I’m a big brave girl and can go up and down as many times as I want.

The dogs next door talk to me a lot.  We bark and bark.  Today we were having a barking contest.  I forget what we were barking about but it was fun.

Time to get some sleeps.  Mama gives me a special treat every night and even though we’re in the new house, I know where the treats are, so every time the door opens, I stand up because that might mean I get one.  Since Mama is tired and in her jammies, I know it’s treat time.

Sleepy woofs from Schatzi’s Shadow

Happy Spring!

Mama tells us that today is the first day of Spring.  That means nicer weather, we hope.  Shadow is playing outside right now, enjoying the sunshine and Stripey is in the sunbeam on top of the dining room table (don’t worry, our family isn’t eating from the table yet).  Mama is typing this for me.  I’ve been hiding underneath the new sheer curtains that Dad put up yesterday in their bedroom.  I was playing hide-and-seek, but Mama called it Peek-a-Boots.

Here’s a picture of me and Stripey:peekabootsCan you see me hiding?

It’s a nice hiding place because the heating vent is right there.  Pretty soon, though, the air conditioner will be coming through with cold air so I’ll have to find another hiding place.

Time to go and find a snacky.

Love and purrs,



Now we’re on Facebook!  Isn’t that the coolest thing?

Mom says she’s gonna get tired of all of us bugging her to post stuff all over the interweb but we think she’s just jealous that we have so many Twitter followers and  pretty soon we’re gonna have more LIKES on Facebook than she does 😛

Here’s our Facebook page:  The Furry Burkes

Love, Stripey